Introducing ‘The New Disruptors’

I have a new regular column at Yahoo Finance called The New Disruptors and the premier post is now live.

The idea behind The New Disruptors is that, at all times, there are technologies, companies and people who are shaking up the status quo, making big inroads into stale industries or changing the way things are done. I love disruption, it’s a concept that has served me very well personally and nI think it is among the more important things that all investors should be on the lookout for. Disruption leads to opportunity and to loss – depending on how soon it’s recognized and to what degree it’s ignored or denied.

What I’m not doing with the column is making recommendations or endorsements, I’m simply pointing to people, places and things that are worthwhile for readers to become familiar with. I think it will help me to stay on top of these trends for my own benefit as well.

My thanks to Yahoo Finance chief Aaron Task for giving me the opportunity to do my thing on the largest stage in all of financial media.

Anyway, my first column is about a software stock that’s been public only since January 2012 and is already a regular fixture on the momentum scene.

Check it out:

The Hottest Software Stock You’ve Never Heard Of: Josh Brown’s ‘New Disruptors’ (Yahoo Finance)