Motley Fool on How to Read Financial News

I just wanted to say thank you Morgan Housel and the whole gang over at Motley Fool for the shoutout they gave to me and a few of my blogger friends this week…

The below is Morgan’s regular reading list, most of which I agree with:


  • Any half-serious investor should have a Wall Street Journal subscription. It’s $15 a month and covers 90% of relevant financial news.
  • Read James Surowiecki of the New Yorker‘s columns every month. Twice.
  • Derek Thompson of The Atlantic consistently writes thought-provoking pieces.
  • Jonathan Weil of Bloomberg digs deeper than 99% of his journalist peers.
  • Carl Richards of The New York Times is one of the best personal-finance writers in history. No exaggeration.
  • Robert Johnson of Morningstar writes a good weekly piece on the economy. They’re well written and data-driven.
  • Take 30 minutes every weekend to read The Economist (bonus tip: narrate it in your head with a British accent and you’ll feel smarter).



How to Read Financial News (Motley Fool)

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