Libertarian Demagogue Finds Dumbest Democrats in America, Films Them

Obviously, the people Peter Schiff captures here on video at the DNC last week are the very dumbest the Democratic party has to offer when it comes to understanding how the economy works.  According to Schiff during his Squawk Box appearance yesterday, about the half the convention-goers he approached disagreed with his “Let’s Ban Corporate Profits” idea – but they don’t make the final edit but that would reduce the video’s potency.

But as for the other half – he does a nice job baiting them into saying what they actually believe, even if many of them are just on the spot and haven’t given any thought to this stuff in real life at all.

Either way, it’s scary.  But probably no scarier than if he were to take a film crew to the RNC and start asking questions about science.  If you’ve already lost faith in the American Dream, you probably should skip this…(sigh).


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