Hot Links: Desperate and Crazy

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Believe it or not, the Fed does have other tools besides the interest rate shotgun. Like maybe buying Spanish bonds…  (Reuters)

But really, the Fed is kind of helpless here, brought a knife to a gunfight.  (PointsandFigures)

Apple’s reality check quarter in charts (this is great).  (SplatF)

Jim Rogers takes on Hugh Hendry and the China bears.  (InvestmentWeek)

Pension funds are getting desperate for yield again, which didn’t end well last time.  (FT)

Ten reasons America might be crazy.  (NewYorker)

The euro has to be about to die in order for them to actually save it.  (StockSage)

David Merkel: Obama, though intelligent, truly does not understand business or American capitalism.  (AlephBlog)

In hindsight, the $CMG crash offers a textbook example of why you must respect technicals when stocks change character.  (FelixChapovsky)

Geekgasm: They may extend The Hobbit from 2 to 3 films.  (LAT)

Neil Barofsky’s Bailout reviews by the Times.  (NYT)

Former self-described “in-house philospher” of Lehman Brothers, Joe Gregory, has put his mansion up for sale.  I’d check the foundations before bidding, hombre.  (DealBook)

Gun sales in Colorado explode since the Aurora tragedy.  I’m not surprised, I’d probably be walking around with a fucking samurai sword if I’d had loved ones anywhere near that theater.  (DenverPost)

Rest In Peace, Sherman Hemsley.  (CNN)

It should be illegal for British celeb Imogen Thomas to eat a popsicle in public.  (Egotastic)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning! (WSJFA)



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