Institutional Investors Join the Revolution

Those of you who read and react to the blogs and Twitter don’t realize it but you’re on the forefront of a revolution – one of the greatest information disintermediations in modern history.  The Street was able to become The Street for one primary reason – the asymmetricality of opaque and proprietary information.  Every day on social media networks we are chipping away at their fiefdom and every day that edge of theirs erodes a little faster.

Today’s sell-side is a corporate manifestation of the tragic Dickens character Miss Havisham – decrepit and increasingly isolated amidst the fading trappings of a long-ago vitality and opulence that, frankly, is never coming back.  Whether or not it grows twisted and vindictive in the absence of relevance it’s too soon to tell.

I was quoted extensively in a new story at Institutional Investor Relations as was my pal Howard Lindzon on the topic of buyside institutions using social media to source and discover their own information – away from the traditional sources of Wall Street.  The revolution is already underway and its effects will be irreversible.

Read it here:

Investors explore social media (IRR)





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