Market Folly's Alpha 50 List

My friend Jay at Market Folly has a really helpful list of 50 of his top Twitter follows.  I get asked a lot by finance people who are new to social media where they should start.  This is as good a list as any, Jay’s been around a long time and knows what’s up:

Top Finance People to Follow on Twitter: Market Folly’s Alpha List

Given the various “who to follow on Twitter” posts that have popped up this year, we thought we’d add a group of around 50 people we find insightful: the alpha list.  Note that this list is approached from a buyside mindset: it focuses on equity analysis, market flow, and hedge funds.  After all, Gordon Gekko once said: “the most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

Get the list here:

Market Folly’s Alpha List (Market Folly)




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