Who cares?


“Josh, we already know this stuff.  We know it’s all a big, conflicted mess and that things will never be the way they used to be.  We already assume that everyone is looking to fuck us over, we’re over it.  You write these screeds – and they’re really well-written – but seriously, who cares?”

I thought about this for a little.  I turned it around a bit in my mind and considered all the different angles and nuances.

And I concluded that I Care.  I care a lot.  This shit matters.  We’re not talking baseball or movies or whatever, goddamnit we’re talking about peoples retirements – peoples lives!  And I don’t really give a shit if you think this is wonky or corny or whatever, because for some people everything’s at stake, all of it.

So if I get a little bit dramatic or you read a post of mine and you think. “big fucking deal” well let me tell you something: It is a big fucking deal.  This stuff matters.  This is the important stuff, the stuff that can make a difference.

Look, I’m not perfect.  I’m actually far from perfect – I’m fat, I have a foul mouth and goddamn have I sold some fucked up shit in my day.  But I’ve broken out of that and I’ve dedicated myself to something bigger – something more than what I was.  I am NOT going to stand aside and watch people get blown up by garbage anymore.  I can’t.  I owe everyone that much.  I spent ten years as a goddamn financial services parasite, this blog is literally the least I can do.

So after thinking about it, I realize that I’m not gonna stop.  The book was just the beginning – I’m just getting warmed up.  I’m gonna take on everyone that treats people’s money like it doesn’t matter.  I’m going to beat up on the bullies and call bullshit when I see it.  I’m gonna be the big mouth and make a mess.  What the hell else did I start this blog for?  What am I doing here?  Should I be posting charts of bullshit?  Summarizing New York Times articles?  Who gives a shit, what’s the point of that?

No man, I’ve already made up my mind.  I’m going to do what I do.  And when they say “Who cares?” I’m gonna say “I care.”  I do.  I know the stuff that millions of people with trillions in wealth need to know.

And I’m gonna tell them.

Who cares?

I care.  And I will not stop, not yet.





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