Why Aren't We Blogging the Stuff People Really Need to Know

In yesterday’s Hot Links linkfest post, I buried one link in there about how to retire at 65 years old with a million and a half dollars.  It’s the kind of article that never makes it into my links posts, preoccupied as they are with stocks and headlines and global economic stories.  But guess which was the most popular outbound link of the day from TRB yesterday?

Why don’t we as financial bloggers focus more on this kind of practical thing?  Clearly it’s whatb the readers are thirsty for.  is it because we think personal finance stuff is a ghetto of its own (Mint.com, WalletPop etc)?  Is it because we are afraid of veering to far into something that sounds like advice?  Is it because talking about macro-economics and trading is sexy while retirement is boring?  I’m not sure I have the answer, but I’m glad to be finally asking myself the question.

I first I posted this video earlier in the week and it was kind of buried amidst a lot of other things, but I think it’s important.

In case you missed it, here’s my appearance on Breakout talking to Jeff Macke about Murder Hole products (SPACs, Principle Protected Notes/UITs, Chinese RTOs, structured products, reverse convertibles, etc) and the way they’re sold.  You NEVER hear about any of this kind of thing in the financial media, which has devolved into some kind of fucking game show where a cavalcade of contestants come on to guess that day’s closing price in Apple.

This is the stuff people really need to know:


Yahoo! Finance

Shouldn’t we bloggers, many of us industry vets and practitioners, be talking more about the stuff that people really need to know?




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