Backstage Wall Street: Chapter List

The book was rushed for delivery to Amazon and became available sooner than expected, we all got emails over the weekend letting us know that it is now shipping within a day or two! For Kindle people it is available now as well, not sure if and when it will hit the iTunes bookstore.

Here’s the final list of chapters:


PART I—The People

1. Other People’s Money

2. In the Beginning

3. Brokerage Oceanography

4. Of Brokers and Advisors

5. Blue Collar Wall Street

6. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Brokers

7. How I Learned to Close Anyone


PART II—The Products

8. Brokerage Goes Digital

9. Unity Creates Strength

10. Wholesalers and the Brokers Who Love Them

11. The Feeling is Mutual

12. Your Fellow Fund Shareholders

13. The Greatest Financial Innovation in 70 Years

14. A Pill for Every Ill


PART III—The Pitch

15. The Image

16. Tales from the Sell Side[sf1]

17. Ranking for Banking

18. The Global Settlement

19. Storytime

20. The Straight Line


PART IV—The Promise

21. Staying Out of the Murderholes

22. Today and Tomorrow

23. Breakaway





Backstage Wall Street