Portfolio Allocations of the Top Wealth Managers

Barron’s is out with a massive survey of wealth managers (my peers) and the results are at once comforting and troubling to me – my portfolio positioning looks shockingly close to the mainstream, apparently.

One of two things must be going on here – either they’re all reading me and doing what I’m doing or (and the more the likely explanation) we’re all huddled together in the stance that’s been working and expecting a continuation of trend.

Oh boy.

This year Penta surveyed 40 of the largest wealth-management firms to find how they are invested to produce the best risk-adjusted returns for high-net-worth investors with a moderate appetite for risk. All the firms approached provided us with snapshots of their current asset-allocation models , which in practice are adjusted to suit clients’ needs and asset levels.

And the chart (click to embiggen!)


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