Crooked Timber's Greece Post: YOU Fix It!

The blog post that’s captured everyone’s attention overnight is on Crooked Timber and it deals with the fact that, gasp, not all business problems have solutions.  Specifically, the utter fucked-upitude that is the Greek debt crisis has no clear solution that will make anyone happy.

But even still, Daniel Davies invites you to take a crack at it:

Welcome to Choose Your Own Troika Program For Greece! You are a junior member of the One World Government, and you have been given the job of coming up with a proposal to resolve the Greek crisis. You have also been given an advisor who will help you talk through the consequences of decisions. Remember that you have to consider the economic consequences of the various policy choices, but that there is no point in submitting a proposal which is politically unacceptable to either the Troika or the Greek government. Good luck!

Make some time for this one, it’s smart and funny.


So, what would your plan for Greece be?  (Crooked Timber)