Hot Links: Risk Appetite Explosion

Stuff I’m reading this Morning…

Eddy: This earnings season is shaping up to be a disappointment. The “beat rate” will most likely be one of the worst of the past decade.  (CrossingWallStreet)

Meet the young, ballsy manager at Franklin Templeton who’s been buying up Irish and Hungarian bonds.  (NYT)

Bobby Sinn’s two most important charts of the day – the euro and stocks above their 50-day moving average:  (StockSage)

The Weez: This is what an explosion in risk appetite looks like.  (BusinessInsider)

Adam Davidson: Why do we still care about the Dow?  (NYT)

Dow Theory – will the trannies confirm the industrials?  (TBP)

Apple’s market cap has gained $90 billion (or one Facebook) since Steve Jobs died.  (Fortune)

A dope set of charts about investing through the economic cycles.  (FranklySpeaking)

Adam Lee on religion and the apologist’s turnstile.  (BigThink)

Mike Harris: “The last four trading days have resulted in a very rare pattern in SPY.”  (PriceActionLab)

Sprint sells 1.8 million iPhones in Q1, 40% to new customers.  (AllThingsD)

Here’s how we’re all being vetted now before our ideas or proposals will be considered.  (SethsBlog)

Fellas: Here’s the list of girls we’ll be lusting after in 2012:  (GQ)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning!  (WSJFA)