Hot Links: Watch Closely

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Time to play catch-up?  “Since 2000, earnings-per-share have jumped 84%, while the S&P has declined 14.”  (Fortune)

Vitaliy: The value trap of deeply cyclical stocks.  (InstitutionalInvestor)

Extreme readings for optimism are all over the place right now.  (DynamicHedge)

Microsoft is now building it’s architecture for Android and other non-native environments.  Because they know they’ve lost.  (BusinessInsider)

Barry looks at how census hiring skews the non farm payrolls report and confuses people.  (TBP)

The greatest performing, hottest stock ever of 2012 so far is the Bank of Motherf***ing America.  What.  (MarketBeat)

Looks like there’s a storm brewing in the US repo markets.  (FinanceAddict)

Andrew Ross Sorkin: I’ll take the under on that 400 million day users number for Facebook.  (DealBook)

Mark Zuckerberg could be looking at a $2 billion tax hit this year.  (CNNMoney)

Markets bounce to start the year which misleads journalists into printing “comeback” stories like these.  (InvestmentNews)

Watch closely as newspaper and blog media become television studios.  (NYT)

Prepare for the coming of the hybrid hedge fund-mutual fund thingie.  (FinancialPlanning)

Mascot on Mascot violence must stop!  (BleacherReport)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning!  (WSJFA)