Iran Executes People Holding American Dollars as Rial Plummets

The Washington Post is reporting a crazy development in Iran, apparently the government has lost complete control of the money supply (goddamn Jews must be behind it) and they are executing their own citizens who seek to trade into euros and dollars.

How bad is the plunge in the Iranian Rial?

The market rate for the dollar now stands at about 18,800 rials, compared with an official exchange rate of about 11,500 rials to the dollar. In December, the market rate was about 12,500 rials to the dollar. Even at the official rate, the rial’s value has fallen sharply since Dec. 1, when it theoretically took only about 7,400 rials to buy a dollar.

Click over for this wild story (hat tip Counterparties):

Iran warns currency speculators as rial continues to fall (WaPo)



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