Hot Links: Laundry Lists

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

No one can keep up with Apple as it breaks all the laws of large numbers.  (AbnormalReturns)

“The bold, transformative Barack Obama, painter of grand vistas, is gone, replaced in his State of the Union address by a Clinton-esque figure, reciting laundry lists of small-bore proposals  (Slate)

Davos: The world’s billionaires are super-sad about income inequality, you guys.  (Bloomberg)

How my friend DH is using bond prices to determine the flow of money into risk assets like stocks.  (DynamicHedge)

Robert Sinn looks at all the key indexes ahead of the FOMC today.  (StockSage)

In case you missed it, I predicted the death of the mutual fund and all kinds of accompanying slaughter and atrocity yesterday at Fortune Mag.  (Fortune)

Morgan Stanley wants that Facebook IPO so bad they can taste it.  (WSJ)

James: Everything I need to know I learned in 5th grade.  (AltucherConfidential)

Don’t miss my daily linkfest for financial advisors this morning.  (WSJFA)

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