Once Upon a Time There Were Mutual Funds

I have something crazy published over at Fortune today, it’s a look back from the year 2022 at death of the mutual fund industry.  It’s my first published piece for them and I really hope you like it…


March 1, 2022

FORTUNE — Ten years ago, in March of 2012, the world’s largest mutual fund cloned itself as an ETF. It occasioned a small amount of business media attention at the time, but in hindsight, it was the event that changed everything.

Many of you today do not even know what a mutual fund is (or how to write in cursive or dial a phone with your finger, but that’s another story). But once upon a time, the mutual fund was the center of the financial universe and the dominant vehicle for retail investors. Before President @MeghanMcCainDC was sworn in and before the Facebook-Google naval battle that tragically claimed the lives of thousands of our young programmers, the mutual fund was King.

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The End of Mutual Funds is Coming… (Fortune)