Global Growth Forecast by Country

Wells Fargo is out with some US and world economic forecasts for GDP growth, inflation and interest rates.

Bottom line is they are looking for very sluggish growth almost everywhere in 2012…

“As we enter 2012, the global economy continues to expand, but at a slower rate than it was a quarter or two ago. Yes, it appears that the sequential rate of U.S. real GDP growth in the fourth quarter was stronger than the 1.8 percent annualized rate that registered in the previous quarter. However, outside of the United States it appears that most other major economies grew slower and in some cases, significantly slower, than in the previous quarter….

We project that global GDP will grow about 3 percent in 2012. Although not a global recession, it would be the slowest year for global growth since the sharp downturn in 2009.”


Wells Fargo