The Best Stocks for 2012

So I’m participating in something really cool called The Best Stocks of 2012 over at Investor Place.

We were asked for a stock that should make for a good hold throughout 2012 and one that we could periodically write updates on throughout the year.  I picked a newly-trading company that most of you have never heard of rather than go with something safe.  It’s called Arcos Dorados ($ARCO).  I think the story is good and getting better.  You can see a few other killer writers are contributors including Jon Markman and Jim Jubak and my friends James Altucher and Paul LaMonica.  Can’t wait to see how these picks unfold – I don’t need to be the winner, just please god don’t let me be in last place 🙂

Before I send you over, please try to be an adult and recognize that I am not giving anyone advice or soliciting an order, this is not a stock that I am buying in major size nor is it necessarily appropriate for all investors.  Okay, that’s my disclaimer, head over below:

Best Stocks for 2012 (Investor Place)