Shopper-on-Shopper Violence the Best Indicator Our Economy is Alive and Well

I’m very relieved to hear of the various incidents of violence brought on by the “doorbusters” and other Black Friday-related narco-shopping come-ons.  This mad rush to buy garbage is the single best indication we have that America’s consumers (and the economy that belongs to their appetites) are alive and well.

A Black Friday where no one dies or is sent to the hospital is a major red flag for those who watch the health of the economy anecdotally as I do.

So far we have a pepper spraying at a California Wal-Mart and an actual shooting in South Carolina (also at Wal-Mart).  No crushings or tramplings just yet, but you know – fingers crossed.  I would feel bad for the victims if not for the fact they are at a Wal-Mart at 4 o’clock in the morning and so they are de facto “asking for it” to begin with.


Early Scuffling (The Lede)

LA woman leaves 20 people injured after pepper-spraying shoppers (NYP)

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