Cassandra Does Tokyo: Dear Santa

One of my fave bloggers, Cassandra Does Tokyo, has a few (ten) requests for Santa Claus this year – I suppose it’s never too early in the season to begin compiling such a list these days.

Here goes:

dEaR sanTA
i KNoW iTs eaRlY buT i wOUld bE so hApPy iF fOr Xmas yOu cOuLD mAke soME of mY XmAS wISheS cOMe trUE…..

1. Some pragmatic compromise between American political parties

2. a Chemistry set with some instructions on transmuting scrap metals into Gold (which I could quietly though parsimoniously hoist upon the goldbugs).

3. a reasonably accurate flashing red “Bullshit Detector” light to be built into all TVs in order to warn The Audience when whatever they are watching is stretching the boundaries of fact or credulity.

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dEaR sanTA (Cassandra Does Tokyo)



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