10 Things The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Have In Common

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Personally, I like to think of the Tea Party as my grandparents and the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement as my younger sibling. I’m somewhere in the middle. That said, it’s pretty clear who will die first.

Anyway, lest you think they have nothing at all in common, I’ve come up with this quick list of ways they’re alike.

1. They both feel let down by Obama.

With the Tea Partiers this comes by default. Like Obama? You’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media. Within the OWS crowd, it’s more like, they wanted to love Obama but they realize that he lied to them. Could he win them back over? Perhaps, but they’d expose themselves as being hopelessly desperate. Time for a new boyfriend.

2. They both feel the government is corrupt.

Tea Partiers think the government over-regulates and over-spends. The OWS movement thinks the government has been bought by the same corporations that the Tea Party folks think are over-regulated.

Patriots according to Eric Cantor

3. They both enjoy executing their right to assembly.

Tea Partiers amass in groups with guns and American flags. OWS types like drums and prayer flags.

4. They both use exaggeration to make their points.

Tea Partiers like calling Social Security a ponzi scheme. OWS types like calling banking executives Satan.

5. They both benefit from certain government programs.

Tea Partiers would balk at having Social Security or Medicare cut. OWS need their Pell Grants and think Obamacare is a good thing.

6. They both want to cut certain government programs.

Tea Partiers think Obamacare is the sign of the end times. OWS thinks our defense budget is preparing for the end of times.

Nothing but an angry mob, according to Eric Cantor.

7. They’re spiritual.

Tea Partiers argue our country was founded on Christian principles. The OWS crew likes to hold Kirtans.

8. They were both ignored by the main stream media initially.

The Tea Party was quickly supported by Fox. OWS by MSNBC. CNN supports Lindsay Lohan.

9. Both dislike the idea of bailing out bad banks.

Because everyone hates bankers.

10. Both agree enslaving future generations is a bad thing.

The Tea Party believes our ever growing debt will keep taxes high forever, thereby limiting our freedom. They believe spending your money how you want to is a key component of freedom. OWS doesn’t want to be enslaved by Corporate Culture. They feel our government is no longer representing people, but only corporate interests.

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