Come on, dude.

If you stay short here heading into the weekend, you’re a pig.  An absolute hog.

And that’s coming from me, someone who’s been more bearish than almost all financial bloggers for six months now.  You know what these European Ministers are going to do on Sunday night.  They are freaking the f***out over there, EVERYTHING is on the table. The question is not “will it work” – the question is “are they capable of trying it?”

They are.

Remember we talked about “suspending disbelief.”  Deus Ex Machina is the norm in crashy markets, not an exception.

It’s not that I don’t think this ultimately ends lower; sub-1000 on the S&P is becoming more and more likely based on the tools we use and indicators we follow here.  But when and in what time-frame?

If you go into the close short, you’re a total pig.

Come on, dude.



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