New Yorkers: Give us Casinos and Fracking

There’s a new poll of New Yorkers out from Quinnipiac University that indicates New Yorkers overwhelmingly support the introduction of Vegas-style casinos to the state.  The same poll also found a willingness to consider nat gas drilling (via the controversial fracking technique) in NY’s section of the Marcellus shale.

Here’s the New York Post:

Poll respondents supported the creation of Las Vegas-style casinos by nearly 20 percentage points, 56-37 percent, but only narrowly favored upstate natural gas drilling known as hydrofracking, 45-41.

Support for casinos was virtually identical in all regions of the state, though union households were nearly 2-1 in favor, 61-32 percent. By a slightly wider 64-31 percent margin, respondents said casinos would be good for the economy.

Respondents narrowly favored drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale because they think economic benefits outweigh environmental concerns. But upstate, where the drilling would occur, voters oppose injecting a high-pressure mix of water, sand and chemicals to fracture the shale and release vast stores of natural gas by 47-43 percent.

New York City voters were evenly split on drilling, 41-41 percent, with the strongest support coming from suburban voters, 56-31 percent.

By the way, if they get the casino thing done you can basically say “good night” to AC and Foxwoods…

For the record, I’m for both.  As long as I don’t live in the part of New York where the gas deposits are (I don’t) and so long as the dreck that tends to set up shop in the surrounding area of a casino strip is nowhere near me (it won’t be).

The reason I’m not a passionate advocate for these two items that could boost the state’s economy is that there’s no trade-off or sacrifice for me; in fairness it simply isn’t my battle as I live a the disconnected enclave of Long island that would be environmentally unaffected by both initiatives.

But my fellow New Yorkers are speaking loudly.


Poll: NYers want casinos, gas drilling (NYP)