Using this Economy

You guys are gonna love this story…

So there’s a blackjack player named Don Johnson (not that Don Johnson) who’s doing what all of us should be doing – using the economy to his advantage in a major way.  He’s taken the ailing Atlantic City casinos for millions of dollars, using their own financial desperation against them as his edge.

From the New York Post:

Fortified with a massive bankroll, which proved unbreakable, Johnson bet as high as he could when the cards were with him, and went small when they weren’t.

He also knew that if he wound up in the red when he finally called it quits, the casino would knock 20 percent off his losses — an astounding perk he had negotiated with the Tropicana before making the trip there.

He also asked for, and received, a $100,000-per-hand table limit — a sum unheard of except for the biggest whales. With three hands going at once, the higher limit allowed him to bet up to $300,000 a deal.

Johnson had set the hook. And he was about to slowly reel in his $5.8 million catch.

Be sure to read the entire tale, it’s a ripping good one.


The Taking of Atlantic City (NYP)