Everybody's Selling Something, Financial Advisors Included

There’s a trope in my industry that probably came about as Investment Advisor Representatives sought to distinguish themselves from traditional Registered Representatives at brokerage firms.

It goes something like this:

“We don’t sell products or anything, we just advise clients”

This is absolutely the truth (or at least it better be) and that’s ok, but to then denigrate “salesmen” is taking things a bit too far.  My piece at Wall Street Journal on the subject goes into a bit more detail:

Whenever somebody tells you that they’re “not much of a salesman” or that they “don’t have anything to sell you,” I can promise you that ten times out of ten the sales pitch is already underway.  Take it from me, I’ve spent time with some of the very best salespeople in the history of the financial services business, the greatest trick the salesman ever pulled was convincing the prospect that no sale was taking place.

Head over for the rest, its about time someone addressed this industry hypocrisy so I elected myself for the task…


Sorry pal, You’re a Salesman Too (WSJFA)



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