Famed Oil Analyst Uses the M-Word

Did famed Oppenheimer oil analyst Fadel Gheit just brand Goldman Sachs as an oil manipulator?

In a Bloomberg TV appearance (as transcribed by Zero Hedge) it sounds as though he did just that.  You almost never see this type of commentary out in the open.  One of the few unbroken protocols between Wall Street firms is that you never openly disparage each other in the media.

A choice quote before I send you over for more:

“Unfortunately, without repeating the names of the brokers, everybody knows who the usual suspects are. These are the people in 2008 that were making a bet on $200 oil.”

“This is another form of market manipulation in my view. It is in another form of basically pushing the envelope. What you are saying or doing is not illegal, but they are allowed to do it. The government has a responsibility to slap them hard.”

Oh no he di-n’t!


Oppenheimer’s Fadel Gheit Accuses Goldman Of Manipulating Crude Market

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