A Chateau up for Auction on Long Island

This one is a bit of a family affair but I think it’s a really interesting real estate story…

My uncle’s home, the Chateau Des Thons, is up for auction this weekend on the North Shore of Long Island.  The home has an incredibly interesting back story and the New York Times wrote it up a few days ago…

The Château des Thons originally went up in the 18th century, not far from Dijon, France. In 1927 the financier Ashbel Barney had a wing of it shipped across the Atlantic and rebuilt here on the Gold Coast as a memorial to his son, who had served in France in World War I. It is known as Voltaire’s Castle, after the French philosopher, who by some historical accounts frequented it as a trysting place with a longtime mistress.

The house was taken apart and brought over for reassembly during the roaring 20’s.  It now sits on a multi-acre plot in Upper Brookville.  My cousins grew up there and because of its size we spent many holiday dinners on the grounds.  My uncle is not exactly a suburban kind of guy, he spends most of his time in the city and on the west coast, hence the auction.

The auction is being held this Sunday afternoon, if you’re interested in attending to see the property or for more info, you can find it here:

French Chateau Will be Sold at Auction (New York Times)

Chateau Des Thons

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