Hot Links: Human Capital

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Was yesterday’s S&P announcement on US debt the “official” start of tightening?  (TBP)

Twitter in talks with Tweetdeck…but will they destroy it?  (TechCrunch)

On the overall suckitude of the mining stocks versus the metals themselves.  (TrendRida)

Everything you need to know about newly-public Zipcar.  (GlobeAndMail)

Kay McDonald with an incredible post on the State of the Cotton Market.  (BigPictureAgriculture)

I lampooned the Glencore IPO hysteria last night, but here are ten actual facts about it you should know:  (BusinessInsider)

A quick first take on the coming Zillow IPO from Paul Kedrosky.  (Bloomberg)

Don’t miss the Dinosaur Trader’s hybrid copper-trading/dog-humping post.  (Mixtape)

No one will win the Recruiting Wars in the brokerage world.  (WSJFA)

Fascinating: Human capital in the US is migrating to where the warmth is.  (Economix)

My daily linkfest for financial advisors has some great stuff today:  (WSJFA)