Buyers and Sellers

From the film Baby Boy (2001), written and directed by John Singleton:

Jody:  Today I begin a new life. I am the master of my abilities… and today will be a great and beautiful day. Pea, are you a buyer or a seller?

Sweet Pea:  What?

Jody:  Look at yourself. How many millionaires you got on? I count at least three.

Sweet Pea:  What are you talking about?

Jody:   Pea!  Look around, man.  You see what I see?  I see money.  Look at my man over there selling T-shirts.  A brother selling pies and papers. Cake Man over there.  Everybody moving, making money.  Right?  While we’re standing still, being broke.  I figured all this s*** out, man.  All this.  This world moves forward through transactions. Commerce, *****.  The exchange of goods and services.  All the real ballin’, successful folks are sellers.  All the broke-ass people playing catch-up are buyers.  I ain’t trying to go out like that.

I’m gonna be a seller.

I’m gonna get my own business.

Change the game.


Baby Boy (IMDB)

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