Hot Links: The Next Big Trade

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The four largest banks in the US hold $3.6 trillion in deposits.  Gangsta.  (DealJournal)

4000 people die from coal for every single person who dies from nuclear.  (SethsBlog)

Marc Faber: Look for a 10 to 20% correction in asset markets and commodities led by a dollar rebound, use that weakness to buy gold.  (IndianaGrainCo)

Will shareholder activism find success in social media?  Let’s hope so!  (DealBook)

Best. Journalism. Job ad. Ever.  (MotherJones)

My homegirl Talented Blond on how women buy shoes.  (TalentedBlond)

In which James Altucher takes a taxi and pulls up in front of Warren Buffett’s house.  (AltucherConfidential)

Joe Giannone on the mess that is the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney colossus.  (Reuters)

Whoa: “The next big trade will be to short the asset bubble in gold and silver”.  (MarketAnthropology)

Don’t miss my morning linkfest for financial advisors at WSJ today:  (WSJFA)

Coconut curry?  Tuna Mayo?  The world’s craziest Doritos flavors.  (AcidCow)

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