Kedrosky's Startup Bubble Top Ten List

Paul Kedrosky has the definitive Top Ten list of bubble signs in Silicon Valley.

He’s missed a few specific stories I would’ve thrown out there, like the recent articles about trust fund 20-somethings running around Manhattan funding startups they’ve discovered at nightclubs.  Or this precious little gem, destined to be an artifact of the era when all is said and done – Startup Bus!

But who am I to critique?  Especially in light of the fact that Paul and I agree.

Now please understand my nuanced point of view before I send you over to Infectious Greed:

I love the fact that Venture Capitalism in the US is thriving, our startup culture is the envy of the world.  I also think it is important to understand that just because something is in a bubble, that doesn’t render everything involved useless or destined for disaster.  Good things come out of bubbles – just not for all participants.  Especially those who write the most desperate checks for the dumbest things closest to the top (Ivana Trump’s Vegas real estate development, anyone?)

OK, enjoy:

The Top Ten Signs the Valley is on Tilt Again (Infectious Greed)

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