TIME's Embarrassingly Useless "Top 25 Financial Blogs" List

I’m absolutely convinced that TIME doesn’t even know what a finance blog is.  I know of just about every single actual finance blogger in the country…and almost none of them appear here.

WalletPop, are you serious?  As in: “Hey, did you read that awesome post on WalletPop the other day?”

This is actually the worst attempt to list the “Top 25” financial blogs I think I’ve ever seen.  It’s like a combination of stuff that was relevant in 2008 mixed with a handful of content farms that basically will cover anything and pretend its business-related mixed with quasi-political screedmasters who, once upon a time, wrote something meaningful to the markets.

Everyone involved in the assembly and editing of this list should be ashamed of themselves.

Judge for yourselves, actual blog readers:

No Market Folly, no iBankCoin, no Reformed Broker, no Alphaville, no Eddy Elfenbein, no Abnormal Returns – what kind of list is this?  Pathetic.

By the way, here is what the actual Best Finance Blogger, Tadas Viskanta, had to say about the list at Abnormal Returns.


Full List – The 25 Best Financial Blogs (TIME)