Top 10 Names for JPMorgan's Venture Fund

Venture is easy.  Just invest in 20 startups, buy the kids that run them tricycles or air hockey tables or some sh*t and six months later – Voila! Five billion dollars!

Anyway, JPMorgan‘s going to take a run at the whole venture investing tech startup thing – they’ve raised $1.2 billion from their customers who just have to be in for the next Zuckerberg discovery.  The only problem is, they’ve chosen a very boring name: Digital Growth Fund.

Obviously this won’t do at all, here are my Top 10 alternate suggestions for the JPMorgan Venture Fund:

10.  Toptick Captial

9.   Suckerberg Partners

8.  JPWannabe

7.  The Middleman Fund

6.  Dentists-Playing-VCs LP

5.  Bandwagon & Co

4.  We’ll Fund Anything You Call Social Media and Associates

3.  Dimon Digital

2.  Bear Stearns Venture

1.  Chasebook

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