Top 10 Ways AOL Will Change Under Arianna Huffington

Top 10 Ways AOL Will Change Under Arianna Huffington

10.  Sound effects for AIM replaced by the sound of George Soros clearing his throat.

9.  AOL Daily Finance will now carry banner ads from CheTrade and  FIDEL-ity Funds.

8.  Engadget Feature: Anti-Surveillance Equipment Shopping with Julian Assange.

7.  “You’ve Got Mail, and a Responsibility to the Environment.”

6.  MovieFone’s “Spotlight on Michael Moore Month” takes place in March…also April, July, August and October.

5.  TechCrunch becomes BeckCrunch, dedicated to all things related to Glenn Beck bashing.

4.  Effective Immediately: All AOL staff writers are now “entrepreneurial journalists”, compensation includes “cool points” and “social capital”, but not actual dollars.

3.  That obnoxious sound your dial-up modem makes will be replaced with the just-slightly better sound of Arianna castigating George Boosh

2.  Two words: MaherMail

1.  Death Panels for the entire AOL ISP user base, which is predominantly over 70 years old.

I kid because I love…good luck Arianna and Tim!