Hot Links: News of the World!

Some links…

Paulson nets another $5 billion, Greg Zuckerberg on the Haves versus the Have-Nots in Hedgistan.  (WSJ)

Ash Bennington: College freshman are more miserable than ever.  (NetNet)

The Fly on China stock short-sellers.  (iBankCoin)

Sam Zell, undaunted by the Tribune wreck, is back to putting money to work – now in Brazilian real estate.  (Forbes)

My long-time fave cloud stock Riverbed ($RVBD) just crushed their earnings.  (SeekingAlpha)

Ford reports largest profit in 11 years…but not good enough for The Street this morning.  (NYT)

Barry to FT: “Economics is easy, comedy is hard.”  (TBP)

Kickstarter (and ideas like it), between you and me, may just save the US…  (Slate)

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