Hot Links: Roast Beef Overboard!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Networker F5 Networks (FFIV) got smoked after their earnings call last night, Credit Suisse defends the stock today.  (NotableCalls)

Roast Beef Overboard!  Wendy’s will sell off Arby’s.  Good idea.  (Bloomberg)

Folly of Forecasting: Jim Sinclair has lost his silly gold bet, and erased all traces of it.  (Maoxian)

Cattle futures have gone parabolic.  Farmer Brown is not surprised.  (TBP)

Fortune’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For (US gov didn’t make the list).  (Fortune)

Apple Targets: Ticonderoga analyst says “F*&% it, we’re doing $550!”  (AllThingsD)

Jay dives into David Einhorn’s year-end letter to Greenlight investors, new stakes in Sprint and BP.  (MarketFolly)

Leigh Drogen aka Captain Obvious: “Analysts Are Not Offering Enough Value”, lol.  (LeighDrogen)

Attention People of Arizona: Please stop eating lion meat.  Sincerely, Everyone.  (MSNBC)

Look out stock market, here comes The Dumb Money!  (MarketBeat)

My daily linkfest for financial advisors at WSJ is up.  (WSJFA)