Four Insidergate Arrests Made

So far, things seem to be proceeding according to the blueprint…the small fries are being rounded up as a prelude to their flipping on the true targets, the hedge funds.

Here’s Reuters via Yahoo:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Three consultants and a salesman affiliated with an “expert network” firm were arrested and charged with conspiracy and wire fraud on Thursday in the U.S. government’s widening probe of insider trading at hedge funds, according to court documents.

The defendants, accused of passing on tips about technology giants Apple Inc and Advanced Micro Devices, among other companies, were identified as Walter Shimoon, Mark Longoria, Manosha Karunatilaka and James Fleishman in a criminal complaint obtained by Reuters.

The FBI has arrested the four men, a law enforcement source said.

These are the tipsters it would appear, on the payrolls of those placing the trades themselves.

It begins.