Largest IPO in History,, Set to Debut

BEIJING – Following the closing bell, the largest IPO in world history is slated to be priced on 4 different continents for its Friday debut.  Estimates for the initial public offering of range from $1.3 to $1.5 trillion USD or about 9.99 × 1012 Chinese Yuan.

Not much is known about by US investors other than the fact that it is the “something” of China.  The People’s Ministry of Capital Formation & Syndicates has released scarce detail about the company’s financial condition but sources at US brokerage firms note that the domain name itself could garner upwards of $96 in the open market.

On the heels of the popular and DangDang IPOs, industry watchers have become confident that will price toward the high end of its range.  At an opening value of $1.5 trillion, the one-day pop that many have come to expect from China IPOs may be limited to only 30 or 40%.

Citing the customary quiet period, officials declined comment for this story but the L.A.-raised teenage son of one company insider did note that “White people be crazy forreal, yo!  I’m ’bout to buy two Aston Martins just to crash them into each other, that’s what’s up.”