Lunch Links: Longs Bewaaaaaaaare!

It’s Friday, we covered the dramatic payrolls miss already – now let’s do some fun/interesting reads:

Michael Panzner: “If you think I’m bearish…”  (FinancialArmageddon)

Richard Dawkins on his fading hero Christopher Hitchens.  (Guardian)

The Weakonomist on the correlation between being fat and stupid (Chris Christie aside).  (Weakonomics)

“We’re almost back to 2007 levels…we thought we might be 2012-2013 before we got there.” – Richard Steinke, Director of the Port of Long Beach.  (CNBC)

James Altucher on his “hangin’ with the Wu-Tang Clan” days.  (AltucherConfidential)

Brandon Rowley: Some things mean revert, others can trend for years.  Know the difference.  (TradingWallStreet)

Stanley Bing on Foursquare, Twitter, Smartphones, Facebook and other stuff we won’t care about in a few years.  (Fortune)

I have two cool things up at WSJ today –

My video from yesterday in which we look at the small business recovery and what it means for advisors.  (WSJFA)

A look at whether Advisors are really just managing their clients as opposed to their investments.  (WSJFA)

LOL, even New York Magazine is gunning for Netflix now – longs bewaaaaaare!  (Intelligencer)