Sunday Hot Links: Let the Treason Begin!

Some of my fave reads from the weekend…

Breaking: $113 billion bailout for Ireland approved.  (Bloomberg) and (Clusterstock)

Ivanhoff: Expect strong stocks to get even stronger as they are chased into year’s end.  (StockTwits50)

Zombie Bear Redux as the LA Times picks up on Barry’s taunt.  (TBP)

The fight for Lionsgate is back on as Icahn nominates a 5 person slate for the board.  (LAT)

James Alutcher’s Chicken Soup for the Rejected.  (AltucherConfidential)

Trader/Blogger/TRB friend Leigh Drogen makes a big professional decision.  (SurfviewCapital)

The insider trading storm is leading to massive hedge fund redemptions (FelixSalmon) and forcing survivors to lawyer up (DealBook)

My latest for WSJ: ‘Gender Bending in the Mutual Fund Complex’  (WSJFA)

250,000 secret diplomatic cables were leaked to the media.  Let the treason begin!  (NYT)

The clawbacks are finally underway as the Madoff Family and Friends network is sued for $69 million.  (Bloomberg)