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Big cyclicals like Boeing, Intel and CSX are growing just fine without the coming quantitative easing.  (Bloomberg)

So far this earnings season, 83% of companies beat expectations.  (PragCap)

David Merkel: “I think our tax code is nuts, allowing deductions for interest, and not dividends.  That creates a pro-debt bias in the tax code.”  (AlephBlog)

Leigh Drogen reminds us to keep our policy beliefs out of our trading.  (SurfviewCapital)

What does Bill Ackman see in JC Penney?  Todd Sullivan checks it out.  (ValuePlays)

Mutual funds are like public pools – anyone can cannonball in and screw things up.  (CaleInTheKeys)

Icahn’s ready to put up another $400 mil to get the Lionsgate-MGM deal done.  (LAT)

Egypt has crazy big plans for its historic Luxor region.  (TIME)

Google could actually trade $100 lower if it actually paid taxes on overseas profits.  (CrossingWallStreet)

The 1986 trade that Steve Schwartzman (Blackstone) is still pissed about.  (Dealbreaker)

How to pimp hard amidst the ruins of Foreclosure Florida.  (TBP)

Secular bull market for grains coming as the world is making people faster than food to feed them.  (ZeroHedge)

Meet Alex Blagg, socia media guru extraordinaire.  Hilarious.  (DailyBeast)

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