Wet Links: Like a Madman Laughing at the Rain

Yes that’s a line from Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train and entirely apropos for anyone attempting to get into NYC for work this morning.  I’m one of those lunatics who is not working from home.

A few things and then a handful of links…

Firstly, there’s this new thing we’re doing where every individual stock that happens to be noticeably down on the day is called a Flash Crash.  I think it’s hilarious.  Especially on an up day (aka a “Risk On” day) for the overall market.  “Apple’s down 3, Flash Crash bro.”  It’s really funny, I’ll probably keep doing it until it gets old.

Also, I tried to come up with a list of things I care more about than The Social Network movie but, it turns out, there’s nothing I care about less.

I think it’s really cool that Mark Twain’s autobiography is coming out this Fall, 100 years after his death as was his dying wish.  Volume 1 will be 700 some odd pages.  Twain on Twain!  If you’re a reader, this is heaven.

And where’s Bronson Pinchot been all this time?  Totally off topic, but I can’t understand how Dabney Coleman is back on TV (Boardwalk Empire), and Chevy Chase has resurfaced (Community) and this Stamos guy gets a new show every 6 months and nobody has anything for Bronson to do?

If China’s commercial real estate apocalypse is anything like ours, it will barely register with anyone outside the real estate business.  Quell décevant!

OK, some stuff I’m reading this morning:

A highly contrarian take on the stimulus – this guy says it worked:  (TIME)

Remember September:  Paul Vigna  (DJMarketTalk) and Barry Ritholtz (TBP)

Carlyle exec: “No more 2 and 20 for buyout firms and funds.”  Duh.  (BusinessWeek)

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Revisions or Statistical Fraud?  (ZeroHedge)

NYC real estate mogul targeted by bomb attack.  Really sick.  (NYP)

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