Things I Learned Today…

This morning I joked about how every time a stock is down lately, we’re calling it a Flash Crash.  Well, we actually had a Flash Crash today in shares of LQD, a fairly popular bond ETF that dropped 11 points in seconds for no apparent reason today.

Adorable! Let’s keep having that go on.

Guess who has the story:  Zero Hedge

Oh yeah, Oh yeah…before I forget…I also asked the question “Where the heck is Bronson Pinchot?”  I have no idea why I asked that but wait til you hear this…someone from the small town he now lives in is a reader of TRB apparently and filled me in!

Just a note on Bronson. He actually lives down the street from me in a small town in N.E. Pa.. He does quite a few local commercials. In his spare time he buys the properties around his house he doesn’t already own, then throws up a fence and security cameras. He was also embroiled in a lawsuit with the local historical society which became quite a local scandal.
Bet you didn’t think you would actually get an answer to the “where’s Bronson now” question, did you!

How crazy is that?  Have a great weekend, guys!

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