Hot Links: Boom!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…Boom!

Darn you HGTV and your bubble-blowing programming.  Now it’s all about rental income, huh?  Boom!  (Weakonomics)

Leigh Drogen drops a masterpiece on partial positions when entering a trade.  Ka-Boom!  (Surfview)

Coffee? Up. Sugar? Up. Wheat? Up. Cocoa? Up.  It’s happening, get with it.  Boom!  (YahooFinance)

The Weez: Chris Christie’s rockin’ this week and ready to run for President.  Weisenboom!  (Clusterstock)

Malcolm Gladwell: The Revolution will not be Twittered.  Tweet-Boom!  (NewYorker)

Silver at 30 year highs and up 90% year over year.  Looking toppy?  Boom!  (TradersNarrative)

Howard Lindzon on the state of angel investing.  Angelboom!  (HowardLindzon)

RIM introduces the Blackberry Tablet.  It runs on maple syrup and Bryan Adams music. Boomberry!  (Engadget)

While you were scoffing at real estate…REIT ETFs ran up 22% year to date.  Boom!  (AOLDailyFinance)

Ken Fisher on the next decade for stocks – wait for it….SUPER BULLISH!  BOOM!  (Boomberg)

You vs the Corporations.  Guess who’s not winning, homeboy…  Boom!  (TBP)

“Big Mouth, White Butt, Small Butt, Silver Tooth, Red Teeth and Abdi the Liar” – the Disney-fication of the Somali Pirates.  Boom! (NYReviewOfBooks)