Hot Links: Cuddly Mexican Drug Lords

Last night was the StockTwits/ CNNMoney Wall Street 2 Premiere Party.  I definitely stayed out way later than I needed to, but I’m alive…I want to give a big shoutout to all the blogger and tweeter peeps I met, it was very cool to put faces to all the names, you guys rock!

OK, some Hot Links to shake myself out of a stupor…

Bruce Berkowitz (Fairholme Fund) goes activist on AIG ($AIG).  (Greenbackd)

Exit Larry Summers.  As only LOLFed could cover it.  (LOLFed)

Heidi Moore on the dating rules at Squid Central ($GS).  (DailyBeast)

Eat Your Stocks: Money becomes food in an interesting experiment.  (PsyFiBlog)

Massive layoffs at the capital markets division of Bank of America ($BAC).  (FA)

Oh those cuddly Mexican Drug Lords and their adorable nicknames!  (TheEconomist)

Is Research In Motion ($RIMM) about to bust out the BlackPad tablet?  (Barrons)

Love the headline: “Ivy League Football Mafia Gives Wall Street a Talent Pipeline.”  (Bloomberg)

The Fly: Go ahead, chase more fake China stocks.  (iBankCoin)

This study of 526,000 online dating profiles will blow your mind and crack you up.  (OKTrends)