What's a Divilian?


/dɪˈvɪlyən/ Show Spelled [di-vil-yuhn]


2010;  contraction of the words Dividend and Civilian to form Divilian (noun); see civil-ian or

1.  a person who is in the market as a civilian merely seeking dividend income and some growth, not attempting to do battle with the mechanized trading warbots.

2. Informal . anyone regarded by members of a high frequency trading firm, prop trading desk, investment bank, etc., as not belonging; nonprofessional; outsider: “We’re seeing most of the volume coming from program trading, not much order flow from divilians.”


“Don’t shoot, Mr. Tradebot, we’re just Divilians buying JNJ for the 3.6% yield.  You can have the fraction of a penny on our purchase, just please don’t shoot!  We have children!”

“And in market news today, the 3:30pm race for the exits and resulting sell-off wreaked havoc on the mom-and-pop divilians once again as algorithmic traders chopped into all the most liquid blue chips into the close.”

“Divilians with common sense have been driven from the bond market into stocks during the search for decent yields.  Unfortunately, this has put them in a position of having to take equity risk on the capital that they seek an income return on.”

“Look at all this dumb divilian money pouring in with market orders at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  You want I should scalp some of that cash, boss?”

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