Hot Links: Punk is Dead

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Might H-P become a target for IBM or Microsoft?  (ZeroHedge)

Wade Slome: Pay no attention to the pros calling for double dips.  (InvestingCaffiene)

Randall Lane names the Clown Prince of Wall Street.  (DailyBeast)

Doug Short schools us on the history of Treasury yields, don’t miss this.  (Clusterstock)

Outsourcing not so attractive with Indian and American call center costs reaching parity.  (FundMyMutualFund)

Sorry hipsters, American Apparel is done.  (JrDepAcct)

Will we see high grade corporate paper trade through Treasuries?  (FelixSalmon)

Inside BHP’s hostile bid for Potash.  (NYT)

Punk is dead.  Bury it.  (Adland)

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