Hot Links: Momentum and the Job-pocalypse

First, a public service announcement.  I want to address that “rap video” about Elizabeth Warren and consumer finance that everyone seems to think is funny or cool or whatever.  It isn’t.  White people rapping about economics is NEVER FUNNY.  It’s not even accidentally funny.  I won’t link to it here because it’s just so lame.  Everytime it gets viewed, you’re encouraging more business school dorks to rap on Youtube.  Please do not encourage or contribute to this activity.  Thanks – JB.

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Stocks and copper looking higher this morning, housing starts data on tap.  (Bloomberg)

Seth Godin: Momentum is to be embraced, not feared or avoided.  (Seth’sBlog)

The Four Horsemen of the Job-pocalypse.  (TheAtlantic)

In case you didn’t know, foreclosure abatements are yet another backdoor bailout for the banks.  (TBP)

The stimulus isn’t working because it isn’t addressing the Balance Sheet Recession.  (StreetwiseProf)

A roundup of where Peltz, Paulson, Lampert and other hedgies are placing their bets.  (ZeroHedge)

Blood Spill in Aisle 9 as supermarket chains wreck each others margins.  (CuriousCapitalist)