Hot Links: Are They Insane?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The counter-trend trader has been beaten up stylistically by the trend-follower for a decade, now what?  (CassandraDoesTokyo)

A politician who gets it: Chuck Schumer tells the SEC that HFT firms are de facto market makers and so should be policed like them.  (ZeroHedge)

China’s wealthy are hiding over $1 trillion in income a year.  (Bloomberg)

TPC: “Blogging is hard, don’t let economists tell you otherwise.”  (PragCap)

Disputing Reinhart and Rogoff’s claim that the 90% Debt to GDP threshold is Game Over.  (EconoSpeak)

Baseline Boys: “During this hot summer of fitful economic growth, high unemployment and an oil slick visible from space, Washington is obsessed with … deficits.”  (Economix)

Something tells me that Dealbreaker will never let up on Avenue Capital.  And it’s still funny.  (Dealbreaker)

“I hear pundits talking about quantitative easing and the Fed needing to buy more treasuries. Are they insane?”  (ChartsAndCoffee)

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