The Realistic Money

Wanna get someone to read your spam blog that you get paid 50 bucks a post for?  Here’s a trick, put the term “The Smart Money” somewhere in your post title.  As in “The Smart Money is doing this” or “The Smart Money is doing that” or “The Smart Money would never read this pathetic blog” or something to that effect.

Who cares what the “Smart Money” is doing right now?  The market is now processing a concurrent Chinese and American slowdown, so believe me when I tell you that if this continues, the Smart Money is just as screwed as the Dumb Money.

So instead of concerning ourselves with the mythical Smart Money, let’s talk about what the Realistic Money is doing right now.  This is a much more utilitarian concept for actual human being market participants who are ripping their fingernails off just trying to claw their way up to the next foothold of this treacherous cliff face we call an economy.

The Realistic Money is looking for return OF investment with return ON investment being a secondary priority.  The Realistic Money recognizes the power of cyclical bull runs within the secular bear and this is why it is in this market, even if only conditionally.  The Realistic Money is hedging, happily giving up maximum upside.  The Realistic Money is working with sell stop limit orders to guard their accounts but not get taken advantage of by the gaps.  The Realistic Money is thinking yield, not growth.

Are you the Realistic Money?  Even if you are, your commitment to keeping it real may not pay off in the near term but it will probably keep you in the game and keep you out of trouble.  You won’t feel like you’re winning on a day like today, with the Dow Jones off 2.5% and the Nasdaq down almost 3%.

And maybe you aren’t a winner, but at least you’re being realistic.

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